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The Amazing Trick for Mixing Natural Peanut Butter

Say so long to unmixable peanut butter forever
How to Mix Natural Peanut Butter
Photo: Tasting Table

Natural peanut butter, we love you, but you're a real pain in the ass. When your oil rises to the top of the jar, it doesn't just look gross, it makes it nearly impossible to mix you into anything even close to spreadable. The stuff stuck on the bottom becomes so thick, it's practically immovable, and shaking the jar with the cap back on doesn't work either. Trust us, we've tried. So what's a peanut butter junkie to do?

Blend natural peanut butter with a hand mixer affixed with one beater.

Stick the single beater straight into the jar and hold on tight. (Seriously. The first time we tried this, the beater's force made us lose our grip, and oil splattered everywhere.) With a good grip on the jar, mix the peanut butter on medium speed. The results are incredible—just watch the video.  

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This trick works for almond butter, too, peanut haters. So whether you're making a classic PB&J or a fancy-pants grilled almond butter and jam sandwich, you'll never have to face gross, unmixable natural nut butter again.


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