The Mess-Free Way to Measure Honey

Because it belongs in the bowl, not stuck in a measuring cup
How to Measure Honey
Photo: Michelle Sun/Tasting Table

The more viscous an ingredient, the more of a nightmare it is to measure for cooking and baking—and there’s practically nothing stickier than honey. So the next time you need to include it in a recipe for a dish like sweet glazed wings or rosemary honey, try this simple trick:

Coat your measuring scoop with oil before measuring the honey.

Once you do that, the honey will slide right out of the measurer into your bowl or pot. Even better: If the recipe you’re using calls for oil, measure that first, and you’ll already be slicked up and ready to portion out the honey.

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This also works on equally sticky ingredients like nut butter, corn syrup and molasses, so go forth and make quick breads, pecan pie and milkshakes with ease.


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