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How to Carve Your Thanksgiving Turkey

It's easier to tackle that 20-pounder than you thought
How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey
Photo: Dave Katz/Tasting Table

Thanksgiving is around the corner which means it's officially Time to Celebrate. All month long we're bringing you recipes, tips, tricks and stories that are equal parts memorable and delicious.

Congratulations! You remembered to thaw the turkey ahead of time, brine it for peak flavor, roast it to golden perfection and, most importantly, let it rest properly for the ultimate juicy bird. We know how much work goes into preparing Thanksgiving’s main event, but there's one last step to tackle before sinking your fork into that delicious meat: carving the turkey.

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Whether you’re dealing with 8 pounds or 20 pounds, it really couldn't be easier. Here's how to do it:

① Remove any twine from a well-rested turkey and discard.

② Pull one leg at a time away from the body to expose the joint. Cut along the edge of the leg and through the joint to remove from the body. Repeat with the second leg.

③ In each leg, find the joint connecting the drumsticks and the thighs, then slice through and separate.

④ Next, cut along the curve of the breast bone to release the breast meat.

⑤ Remove the wings.

⑥ Cut the breast into slices and serve.

Watch the video for the complete rundown, slice by slice.


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