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Forage like a pro with help from the internet
Falling Fruit App
Photo: Courtesy of Falling Fruit

We're pretty obsessed with This Thing Now. Here's how to get it into your life.

Sometimes the internet age and antiquity join forces, and it blows your mind. Case in point, this L.A. art museum's Snapchat. Now there's something for social media-obsessed René Redzepi worshippers: Falling Fruit's new app ($5, available on both iTunes and Google Play).

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Think of Falling Fruit as the Wikipedia of foraging. Registered users plug fruits, vegetables and herbs they come across—or plant themselves—into the system, which displays it all on an interactive map, complete with photos. The idea is to get people to look closer at what's already in their neighborhoods, revive forgotten plants and celebrate the discovery of new ones. And it's working: So far, there more than 787,470 locations all over the world pinpointing 1,262 edible species and no crazy loading times, thanks to the app.

So if you're strolling around Bangkok and in the mood for floral Portuguese mangaba, or jonesing for lemons and apricots in East L.A., you know where go.


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