For the Grater Good

A simple trick for cleaning your cheese grater
Photo: Didriks via flickr
Cheese Grater

Freshly grated Parmesan is a non-negotiable on your pasta. But shredding your kitchen sponge afterward trying to remove pesky pieces of cheese gets old real fast. Here’s an easy trick for cleaning out every last bit:

To remove stubborn pieces, dust your cheese grater with a pastry brush.

Whether you’re removing cheese or whatever else you (wisely) use your grater for—butter, ginger, garlic—a pastry brush will easily dislodge hard-to-reach bits. This trick works best when the food and grater are dry, but depending on the material of the brush and the type of food, you might be able to work your magic right away.

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It's simple and effective advice, and, yes, we’re giving you permission to brush it off.


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