2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Pantry

Stock your friends' larders for the long winter ahead
Illustration: Kim Graziano/Tasting Table

As homebodies get ready to hole up for the winter, make sure they have all the ingredients they need to make a comforting meal.

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1 Tru Bee Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey ($12)

Give the gift of a season full of hot toddies. This Tennessee honey is made in bourbon-soaked oak barrels, and though it doesn't actually contain any alcohol, it's practically begging for the addition of a pour.

2 Guardians Porcelain Jars ($65 each)

Everyone needs a miniature dragon or elephant to keep one's Christmas cookies safe and sound. The small porcelain animals add subtle flair (and useful handles) to these versatile storage jars.

3 La Bella Jar Label Bands ($16 for a set of three)

Make home pickling a breeze for your DIY-loving friend with a set of reusable, elegant jar labels. No more ambiguous brown liquid camping out in the back of the refrigerator, and the stretchy bands are practically one size fits all.

4 Dave's Mocha All Natural Coffee Syrup ($12)

There are few things in life that aren't enhanced by the addition of chocolate, and that includes this thick, cold-brew condiment. Perk up a bowl of vanilla ice cream, mix an espresso martini or go with our preferred method: straight off the spoon.

5 Sherry, Champagne and BBQ Ketchups ($20 for the set)

Add these gourmet condiments to your ketchup short list. Sure, the gift is "for a friend," but you'll be more than willing to help out with any french fry taste tests as long as this trio of sauces is involved.

6 YIELD Honey Canvas Apron ($185)

Cooking can get messy. Don't let your friend get grease all over a new Christmas sweater by outfitting your pal in this comfortable (and durable) apron.


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