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7 ways to sneak beer into your food

Attention, world: It's National Beer Day. If you can't wait for the five o'clock whistle, you have some options: Beer koozies that masquerade as coffee cups. The good ol' "it's apple juice" cover-up. Start at 4 p.m. and blame the lingering effects of daylight savings. Or just embrace the bottle and mask your beer in one of these seven recipes.

1 Beer Bread

In a way, beer is liquid bread, so add some flour and baking powder, and it's like you're returning it back to a solid state. Pairs well with butter, another beer and some more butter.

2 Beer-Marinated Rump Steaks

Still have leftover Guinness from St. Patrick's Day? Throw it in a plastic bag with steak and spices, and let the ingredients do their flavor-injecting magic.

3 Sailor's Beef Stew

Is this how sailors really eat? I'm afraid of boats, but I'd be willing to give it a try if so.

4 Guajillo-Braised Beef Short Rib Taco

These guisada-style snacks are apparently known as the "king of tacos" in Mexico, and since Negra Modelo makes up 63 percent of Mexico's beer market, this is one no-brainer combo. Taco lovers in Mexico stand in line for the stuff.

5 Beer Float

Root beer, be gone. Pour a cold one over your ice cream for a boozy beer float (which is apparently also called a Shakin' Jesse) like an adult.

6 Kentucky Beer Cheese

The words spreadable cheese are enough to have you swooning, but pour stout beer into the mix, and the world will be an even better place.

7 PBR Steamed Mussels

Nobody puts PBR in the corner. Do yourself a favor and put it in a skillet with springy alliums, smoked ham and as many mussels as possible.


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