Juicier Fruits

A quick tip for getting more out of your citrus wedges
How to Juice a Lemon
Illustration: Tasting Table

The hack: Cut the center pith away from a wedge of lime or lemon to get more juice out of your squeeze.

Why it works: Pith is the pits. That bitter, center rib of the citrus fruit just slows you down when you're hoping to squeeze lemon or lime over, say, a steaming plate of fish tacos or a refreshing beverage. Remove the pith and the juices shall flow.

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Two ways to do it: If presented with a citrus wedge that still has its offending length of pith, simply slice it away with a sharp knife. Or, prep that lime or lemon (or blood orange or grapefruit or...) like the pros: Cut off each tip, slice the fruit in half lengthwise and then remove the center pith using a V-shaped cut. Then, cut the halves into wedges. Someone get the highball glasses out.


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