The Simple Trick To De-Stem A Strawberry

Summertime means Strawberry season! And there are so many wonderful things you can do with those sweet little parcels of flavor. From strawberry cobbler to strawberry jam; strawberry lemonade to strawberry overnight oats! The possibilities are endless.

Whether you're eating strawberries right out of the basket, or putting them in your favorite recipe, there is one element to eating and baking with strawberries that can be cumbersome — dealing with the stems. While sharp knives will do the trick to get the stems off, it can be a bit time intensive to cut into each berry, but there is a trick that is fun, easy, and effective.

Side bar: Did you know that those allergic to strawberries can usually still enjoy blueberries? So if you're feeling left out of all the strawberry-related fun, here's a mouthwatering recipe for lemon blueberry pie that's sure to make you forget your troubles. Check with your allergist first to make sure it's okay to eat.

Take a straw to the strawberries

It might seem a little bit too cute and on-the-nose, but you can actually use a straw to de-stem strawberries.

According to PBS you can use a plastic straw (or metal if you're eco-conscious) and insert it into the pointed bottom of the strawberry. By pushing straight up you'll push the leaves and stem out of the strawberry. This hack takes mere seconds, and not only will it save you time, but it's safer for your fingers than going at strawberries individually with a paring knife.

This straw/strawberry hack is perfect for days when you want to put out a bowl of strawberries for snacking. It's also a time saver for recipes where you want to use whole strawberries, like this recipe for roasted strawberries over frozen yogurt. No matter how you're playing with strawberries this summer this de-stemming trick will save you time and keep your fingers safe.