Alton Brown Plans To Open His Own Café

The food scientist is keeping details close to the chest

With the launch of Iron Chef Gauntlet, a food-focused late-night show, and a web version of Good Eats, Alton Brown must be running on caffeine. But as you would expect of any self-respecting food science nerd, Brown has serious thoughts about how his coffee should be brewed.

Over the weekend, he Tweeted about needing a new coffee shop in his hometown of Marietta, Georgia.

While it's easy to write this off as a Tweet of desperation, Brown tells Eater Atlanta, "It is my intention to open a coffee shop in Marietta, Ga., though I'm not at a point where I can release any details. I can tell you this — no, no, I've said too much already."

If you can't wait for that day, here's a refresher of that time Brown showed Good Eats fans how to brew the perfect pot.