Favorite Fast-Food Spots State By State

It's not all about Big Macs

Fast food is a staple of the American diet (like it or not). Fifty million people in the country eat it every day, and the average person will spend $1,200 on fast food before the year is done—that's about 300 Big Macs.

So, what are the favorite fast-food spots across the country? Business Insider teamed up with Foursquare to find out which places are checked into most with the app.

Chick-fil-A reigns supreme in the South, while McDonald's practically owns the Northeast, the Dakotas, Idaho, Alaska and a few other pockets, and beloved burger chain In-N-Out has much of the West on lockdown. Meanwhile, there are a few outliers: Wendy's is the most popular chain in New Jersey, Dick's Drive-In is the favorite in Washington State, Sonic takes New Mexico, Zippy's Makiki is Hawaii's favorite, Oregon loves Burgerville and Culver's is Wisconsin's favorite son.