The Battle Between New York And Chicago Pizza

A Chicago chef and an NYC chef face off about which city makes the best pie

We know how to get chefs riled up: Ask them if their city makes the best burger, taco, burrito . . . anything, really.

When it comes to pizza, it's a debate as old as, well, dollar slices and Chicago deep-dish. Here, two chefs face off on whose hometown makes the best pies:

"Chicago deep-dish pizza isn't pizza; it's meat-and-cheese pie. Don't get me wrong, deep-dish is absolutely delicious, and I seek it out, but it just ain't pizza. Therefore, New York wins by default." — Daniel Holzman, chef/owner, The Meatball Shop, New York

"So most people who are against Chicago style say it's more like a pie than pizza. Exactly who doesn't like pie plus a pie that tastes like pizza? It combines two amazing things. Of course, that is going to be better than a piece of folded cardboard, NYC style, that tastes like pizza." — Charlie McKenna, chef/owner, Lillie's Q, Chicago

What's your favorite city to get a slice?

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