What's For Dinner: Beer Cocktail, Hot Dog Tots And Peanut Brittle

Make an all-star meal of ballpark favorites

Not feeling inspired by your usual dishes? Here's what's for dinner.

Let's take a break—an All-Star break, that is. Baseball's Midsummer Classic is tomorrow, and we're prepping our stomachs for the big leagues. This means cocktails made with beer, a triple-play hot dog bite and a better way to enjoy peanuts sans shells. Even if you're not in Cincinnati to watch the game live, you can still step up to the plate with this baseball-themed dinner.

① Drink: Apricot Shandy

One of the biggest decisions you'll ever make at a baseball game is whether you're drinking a cold lemonade or bubbly brew. Escape the dichotomy by choosing the drink that gives you both: a shandy. In this version, apricots are muddled with the usual shandy slugger lemon juice, lending a sweeter finish.

② Main Course: Hot Dog Tot

Hot dog, french fries and pickle—all in one crispy bite. You might need to break for a seventh-inning stretch after a handful of these spicy, cheesy nuggets, but the novelty is more than worth it.

③ Dessert: Grandma Frankie's Peanut Brittle

If stadium vendors tossed out bags of this brittle, we'd be at the game every night (and also wearing helmets). It makes a large batch, but the finished product keeps well, so you can enjoy it well into postseason play.