Christian Puglisi's Relæ Cookbook Release And Guest Chef Dinner | Tasting Table NYC

Christian Puglisi takes over the Test Kitchen & Dining Room

"I've never cooked in New York before, so I'm looking forward to it," Relæ's Christian Puglisi shares. "It's always exciting to play on a different turf."

The Copenhagen-based chef—who, just recently, was awarded a Michelin star—is bringing his own unique brand of cooking, which he calls "cut to the bone," to our turf with a dinner at Tasting Table's Soho Test Kitchen & Dining Room on November 11. (Enter here to win tickets.)

Don't dare call his cuisine "New Nordic": Puglisi sees his food as a thoughtful, delicious cuisine stripped of the formalities of fine dining: You pour your own wine, cooks serve their own dishes most of the time and vegetables are the star, such as finely cut cauliflower covering sous-vide sweetbreads like snow to mimic a rice bowl.

Experience it for yourself: The chef, with his sous-chef in tow, is traversing nearly 4,000 miles to bring a little taste of Relæ to the city—and to debut his latest project, Relæ: A Book of Ideas (Ten Speed Press, $50). On November 11, he'll be cooking from the book, turning his culinary projects at the restaurant into a four-course meal, but with local ingredients.

"We're building toward a more wintry menu, so we're thinking root vegetables and shellfish and maybe some artichoke and celeriac," Puglisi says. "We're always amazed with the things that we don't find at home."

While Puglisi hasn't cooked in New York City, he has certainly eaten well here.

"I want to go back to Empellón Cocina," he says. "[Alex] Stupak is doing crazy great food there." Puglisi also wants to check out fellow Noma alum Daniel Burns's tiny spot Luksus at the back of Tørst, as well as Blanca and Contra.

But after one incredible dinner re-creating Relæ at the Test Kitchen & Dining Room, there's only one place where Puglisi wants to end the night.

"Schiller's!" Puglisi says. "I just want to go somewhere to get a beer, and this place looks great."