Best Ice Cream In NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami And SF

Our favorite ice cream in NYC, Chicago, L.A., Miami and SF

Vamanos, vanilla. And hello, Fernet-spiked black walnut ice cream.

This week, we licked our way through the best ice cream in the country, discovering fun new flavors and well-executed classics along the way.

Find out where you can get the ultimate ice cream sandwich (that would be gelato stuffed into warm brioche) in NYC. Or fatten up in L.A. with 17 percent butterfat sea-salt-and-caramel ice cream.

Then geek out in SF for liquid nitrogen-frozen creamy goodness that ain't your Mom's mint chip. Combine carnival funnel cake with parlor sundaes in Chicago. Or lap up guava and cream cheese-swirled ice cream in Miami.

Our next challenge: how to avoid a brain freeze.