Heinz Made Only 100 Bottles Of Its 'Holy Grail' Every Sauce – And We Got To Try It

Say goodbye to basic condiments and wave hello to the cool new sauce in town. I'm talking about Heinz Every Sauce, a novel product featuring 14 of the brand's most beloved flavors. It's caused a stir, and understandably so; there's no need to debate whether ketchup, mustard, or truffle mayonnaise belongs on a burger, when you can have all of the above plus more!

Despite being an American company, Heinz has an established legacy in the U.K. since first building factories in Britain during the early 20th century. Since then, Heinz baked beans and tomato ketchup are staples on British dinner tables, and newer, innovative products like curry ketchup are quick to capture the nation's hearts (and stomachs). Currently available exclusively in the U.K. — and only just barely — Heinz Every Sauce now joins the pantheon of condiments beloved by Brits.  

But will Heinz Every Sauce be a hit, or has the company taken things too far? As a recipe developer and avid cook, my daily routine revolves around creating drool-worthy condiment combinations for everything from burgers to fries to curries. So, when I heard about Heinz Every Sauce, I had to get my hands on a sample (for research purposes, of course). If you're as intrigued as me, keep reading: I'll be squeezing out all the saucy details, including describing this condiment's ingredients, where you might grab a bottle, and if it's outrageously tasty or decidedly confused.

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What makes Heinz Every Sauce so special?

It's all in the name: Every Sauce amalgamates a staggering number of condiments. Does it actually contain every sauce imaginable? The bottle itself answers this with a fine-print disclaimer at the bottom of the label: "(Well, almost.)" However, considering that there's a grand total of 14 Heinz sauce flavors involved, it's earned the title.

At the base of this sauce are everyday crowd-pleasers. I'm talking creamy favorites such as garlic sauce, burger sauce, aioli, and chip (aka french fry) sauce. Then the ingredient list moves on to more adventurous additions, like mayoracha (a mayonnaise-sriracha blend), mayomust (the mayonnaise-mustard hybrid), curry ketchup, and sweet chili sauce. The final six additions? Smoky baconnaise, saucy sauce, truffle mayo, garlic and caramelized onion mayo, pickle ketchup, and smoky bacon ketchup. As you can see, it's a mix of rich and herby, tangy and spicy, simple and sophisticated flavors that together deliver complex overtones.

The sheer number of sauce combinations makes this product wildly distinct from everything the company has sold thus far. That's saying a lot — this food producer is globally recognized as a trendsetter, frequently touting unique pairings; in 2023 alone, Heinz launched four new spicy ketchup flavors. Every Sauce pushes the idea to new heights, resulting in strong reactions online when Heinz announced this product debut in late June; some commenters expressed disbelief. Well, It's real, it's here, and it's pretty special. 

What are the ingredients in Heinz Every Sauce?

It's reasonable to think that a sauce branding itself as a blend of 14 condiments would have a never-ending ingredient list — before receiving the product, I expected the same. However, with the coveted Heinz Every Sauce in hand, I can reveal the number of ingredients is surprisingly tame. Logically, this makes sense; many of the sauces involved boast similar foundations — like tomato-based ketchup or egg-and-oil-rich mayonnaise — with added seasonings.

Like most condiments on the market, Heinz Every Sauce does feature thickeners, colorings, and unidentified "natural flavourings." The brand makes a point of using natural ingredients, and many people will be relieved to know that Every Sauce contains nothing that requires an advanced chemistry degree to pronounce. 

Here's where it gets interesting: Unsurprisingly, the primary ingredient is rapeseed oil, followed by water, sunflower oil, spirit vinegar, tomato puree, and sugar, while egg yolk accounts for the creamy consistency. Other ingredients correspond to the 14 sauces purportedly involved, like mustard seeds, chili pepper, sriracha paste, and dangerous-sounding scotch bonnet puree, all affiliated with the blend's spicier condiment contents. Other heavy hitters include summer truffles, fried onions, lemon oil, bell pepper, and garlic. I can't place where ingredients like molasses or tamarind extract fit into the 14 sauces, but I'm hoping they balance the rest with a sweet, dark, and full-bodied character. 

How to get Heinz Every Sauce

Are you now itching to get your hands on Heinz Every Sauce? Unfortunately, it's not as simple as a quick stop at your local supermarket. In fact, in a masterclass of hype, Heinz Every Sauce offered an ultra-limited release.

When the news broke, fast-acting megafans headed to the U.K. Heinz website, which hailed the new product as "the holy grail of all sauces." There the company offered a competition that it hoped would attract "obsauced" people. To enter the contest, hopefuls answered a series of fun questions about their saucy habits, including how many condiments they have at home, how often they use them, whether they frequently cook with more than one sauce, and how long a bottle lasts them. The quiz was only available for a limited period, with entries closing just a few days later.

Further highlighting its rarity, only U.K. citizens were eligible for the lucky draw. Plus, there would only be 100 winners — meaning just 100 bottles of Heinz Every Sauce were produced for the launch. Did you miss the chance to enter, or weren't one of the lucky winners? We've got good and bad news. The good news: You can whip up a copycat batch by purchasing (almost) every Heinz sauce and combining it, or, alternatively, cooking up all the sauces at home — like homemade garlic aioli and easy sweet chili sauce — for a homestyle version. The bad news? The commercial future of Heinz Every Sauce is uncertain. 

Nutritional and allergen info for Heinz Every Sauce

Now, let's address some pressing questions: Is Every Sauce suitable for allergy sufferers? What about lifestyle-based dietary requirements? There's no allergen statement on the bottle itself, but I've done some detective work to get the answers.

Heinz is no stranger to plant-based products. Its parent company, Kraft Heinz, recently launched a plant-based mac and cheese in the U.S., while U.K. grocery stores stock vegan versions of Heinz mayo and aioli. Despite the brand's inclusive track record, it's no surprise that Every Sauce isn't vegan — it contains egg yolk and milk products. It's also not technically gluten-free, as it contains barley. However, the sauce does appear to be vegetarian. Despite including two condiments named after bacon, liquid smoke is the key to vegan-approved bacon flavor, and that appears to be the flavoring that provides Every Sauce with a faux-pork taste profile. It also doesn't seem to contain nuts.

The nutritional profile of Heinz Every Sauce is akin to other luxurious, creamy, and fatty products like mayonnaise or garlic sauce. Per 100 grams, you're looking at 57 grams of fat, 6.9 grams of carbohydrates (5.2 of which are sugars), just under a gram of protein, and 1.3 grams of salt. In other words, you probably shouldn't slurp down this sauce with a straw — but it should be fine in small quantities as a dip or a topping.

What does Heinz Every Sauce taste like?

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this taste test. A recent review of Heinz's new black garlic ranch sauce and harissa aioli garnered mixed results, so I approached with trepidation, going directly for a pure, unadulterated flavor experience directly from the spoon.

The first flavor to hit the palate was an intense, undeniable tanginess from sharp vinegar and pickles. The initial piquancy might be overwhelming for some, but Heinz Every Sauce soon evolves into complex savoriness. There are notes of tomato-heavy umami, subtle smokiness, a touch of sweetness, plus buttery and creamy — yet punchy — garlic. I can't help but feel impressed; the seasoning is seamlessly balanced and blended, yet even untrained palates will be able to differentiate individual flavors. The texture was slightly more runny than I expected (it's thinner than blended ketchup and mayonnaise), but this is still an ideal consistency for dipping fried treats or spreading on burger buns. It's creamy, decadent, and has a rich, luxurious mouthfeel.

Although my initial impression of Heinz Every Sauce was fantastic, some ingredients are undoubtedly more accented than others. For example, although the sauce has visible chili flakes and herbs running through it, there was no fiery kick I'd expect from curry, sweet chili, or mayoracha sauces, nor any herbal relish. I can forgive the nuanced earthiness of truffles merging with other seasonings, but these bold flavors should have been more prominent — not overpowering, but present.

What the future holds for Heinz Every Sauce

Heinz has remained tight-lipped about whether Every Sauce will get a proper U.K. (or global) release. Two scenarios seem likely: The competition to secure a bottle of Every Sauce is a clever marketing tactic to get people talking about the brand and its many offerings, or the limited release is an experiment to gauge consumer interest before committing to a major launch of this new product. I wouldn't set my hopes too high about seeing bottles of Every Sauce on grocery store shelves anytime soon, but you know what — I certainly wouldn't complain if that happens.

Having tasted Heinz Every Sauce with numerous dishes, including sourdough avocado toast, spicy paneer burgers, and potato wedges, it's clear that this condiment is more than just a gimmick. Unexpectedly, it tastes fantastic — and would be an effortless flavor booster for my everyday meals. Despite some potential improvements, I'd love to be able to visit a local store to stock up when my precious bottle runs out. 

As the competition winners announce their thoughts, I suspect there may be calls for Heinz to make this a permanent feature of its collection. Every Sauce isn't just for the "obsauced" — it could take off, and, more importantly, stand the test of time.