Transform Any Soup Into A Stuffed Sandwich With This TikTok Hack

Food trends and recipes run rampant on TikTok, some of which might not actually deserve the hype the short-form videos garner. Out of the plethora of out-of-the-box recipes on the social media platform, there's one creation that blends the classic combo of grilled cheese and soup in one hand-held snack is certainly an eye-catching idea. TikTok creator @jortskitchen (who has almost 1 million followers) makes a delectable-looking sandwich that resembles an Uncrustable — but has melted gooey cheese and various varieties of warm soup inside.

In the TikTok videos, the creator adds French onion soup and even traditional ramen inside the crustless, enclosed bread. We think the idea is worthwhile because it blends two dishes that many pair together but without the need for a spoon to eat. This idea is also an innovative way to use up leftover soup and prevent food waste. We haven't seen a concoction quite like it, but it's ideal for fans of soup dumplings, those who like a fusion of two dishes into one, and dinner party hosts who want a new appetizer to easily serve at the next gathering. 

Successfully put soup into a grilled cheese with gelatin sheets

It sounds tricky to put soup, a liquid, into grilled cheese without making a mess. Luckily, @jortskitchen has a hack that uses gelatin sheets. When you mix your favorite soup with gelatin, pour it on a rimmed baking sheet, then store it in the fridge, it transforms the liquid into a Jell-o consistency. (Never used the ingredient? Here's everything you need to know about gelatin first.) It might seem like magic, but the gelatin relies on collagen. And don't worry because it's a flavor-neutral ingredient so it won't alter the taste of the soup-filled sandwiches when cooked. We'll let you check out his videos for the detailed instructions, but it's as easy as putting the congealed soup into bread with cheese and then cutting it into a crustless, round sandwich. Consider spreading garlic butter or mayo with grated cheese on the outside of the crust for even more flavor.


French Onion Soup Inside A Grilled Cheese 🧅🇫🇷 #frenchonionsoup #easyrecipe

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If you like the idea of the French onion grilled cheese, start with Tasting Table's easy French onion soup recipe before you reach for the gelatin sheets. Another soup that we think would work is this classic potato leek soup because it's creamy and therefore easy to use in the stuffed sandwiches. You probably don't want a thick soup with lots of chopped vegetables and other ingredients, so another simple option is our roasted tomato soup recipe to pull off this TikTok hack.