Shower Caps Are A Game Changer For Protecting Your Picnic Dishes

You may want to carry the hotel's free amenity kit with you. Those flimsy plastic shower caps can be used to cover dishes at your next summer backyard barbecue or springtime picnic. Whether you need to protect dishes from the elements or from any little critters wandering around on picnic tables, shower caps can be the thrifty hack that can help keep your plated dishes safe. 

Cover plates with shower caps before guests arrive and unveil the dishes just prior to serving. Because the pieces are lightweight and easy to carry, shower caps can be quickly thrown into a picnic basket or into the supplies you're packing for the barbecue party at the neighborhood park. You won't need to search for matching lids or try to fit the salads and picnic spread that you made into inconveniently shaped Tupperware containers. This is the kind of quick solution that grandmothers around the world are sure to approve of. 

The ease of casual convenience

Use shower caps to cover prepared dishes that need to be chilled before tonight's happy hour party, or cover the pretty charcuterie boards you've plated and set out with shower caps until just before the first guest is scheduled to arrive. The tight band at the end of the shower cap is ideal for stretching across bowls and plates, and you won't need to fuss with plastic wrap or go hunting for rubber bands to keep parchment paper in place. If you're entertaining at a location that isn't your home, you can use the shower caps to wrap up food to bring back to your kitchen or simply discard the pieces after the party ends.

Keep a small container of plastic caps at the ready for you to use easily in your kitchen or take with you to your next al fresco gathering. If the shower caps you have available aren't see-through, you can use a permanent marker to indicate dishes or any dietary allergies for guests to easily spot.