A Shell Steak Is A More Flavorful Version Of A New York Strip

There are so many different cuts of steak that it can be an overwhelming experience to stand at the butcher counter, especially if you don't eat red meat often. The New York strip or simply strip steak is a popular choice for its tenderness and taste. It can be expensive to buy, however, and isn't necessarily the most tender or flavorful option. In fact, shell steak can be even more flavorful and that's partly why it's a good alternative to satisfy your craving.

Shell steaks are cut from the short loin of the steer behind the rib area which is also where strip steaks are cut from. The main difference is that shell steaks are commonly a bone-in cut whereas strip steaks are boneless. Although, you can buy shell steaks with the bone along the edge removed or cut it yourself before it's time to cook.

However, the bone factor can lead to more flavor and tenderness, especially near the bone because the marrow can work its way into the meat during the cooking process. One aspect to consider is that the weight of the steak will include the bone, so buy accordingly. When it comes to the fat content, shell steaks should contain a nice marbling but are still on the leaner side, so there won't be large sections of fat on the sides.

Cooking tips for a flavorful shell steak

Considering shell steaks are coveted when it comes to flavor, it's essential to cook it the right way. Beef certainly isn't cheap and even the finest cuts of meat can turn out dry, chewy, and flavorless if you don't use the right technique and cooking time. Shell steak can be cooked perfectly on the stovetop, preferably in a cast-iron pan because it won't take long to result in a flavorful meat with a nice crust. A medium-rare, bone-in version can be done in about 10 minutes but don't forget to flip halfway through. 

Alternatively, if the shell steak is on the thicker side, then it's ideal to throw it on the grill to obtain a nice char and smoky flavor. Grilling will take four to five minutes per side to reach a medium-rare temperature. 

You can also marinate shell steaks before the meat goes into the pan or on the grill, perhaps with this tenderizing steak marinade recipe that involves using soy sauce and balsamic vinegar. If you prefer to cook steak in a cast-iron pan, follow our oven to cast iron reverse sear steak recipe (and yes, the multiple cooking methods will pay off with each bite). Otherwise, we have you covered with these other 23 steak recipes that you can adjust to cook your next shell steaks for an incredible tasting outcome.