Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad Combines 2 Classics Into The Ultimate Side Dish

The summer months are prime time to break out the cold dishes and salads for refreshing, oven-free meal options. Deviled eggs and macaroni salad are two classic chilled dishes that will likely grace at least one of your backyard barbecues or summer potlucks during the summer season. Both share overlapping ingredients, like mayo, seasonings, and even crunchy garnishes. So, it's easy to see how marrying the two into one side dish will give you the best of both worlds.

All you'll need to do is to make each dish side by side, and then mix and match their parts. You can boil the macaroni and raw eggs while you chop crunchy veggies for the macaroni salad. After peeling, slicing, and removing the egg yolks, add half of the chopped whites into the salad along with some of your reserved deviled egg filling. 

You can still pipe the leftover egg yolk mixture into the remaining egg white halves to garnish your freshly dressed macaroni salad. The result will be a presentation that clearly shows the fusion between these two dishes. Plus, each serving of macaroni you heap onto your plate will come with a bonus deviled egg.

Adaptations on deviled egg macaroni salad

There are numerous versions of both deviled eggs and macaroni salad, which broadens the potential for new and tasty combinations. You can stick with the two classics by combining a simple deviled egg filling with this creamy macaroni salad recipe. Both the filling and the salad dressing contain a base of mayo, mustard, and vinegar, making for a seamless flavor blend between the two. Finishing the deviled egg macaroni salad with paprika will offer a smoky finish to complement the texture of the chopped celery and red bell peppers.

A creamy macaroni salad would also taste delicious with curry deviled eggs. For a Southern twist, you could use pimento cheese deviled eggs with a shrimp macaroni salad. Meanwhile, this sweet Hawaiian macaroni salad would pair well with spicy, sriracha-spiked deviled egg yolks.

You could think even further outside the box and transform a deviled egg salad into a tuna macaroni salad. Start with this recipe for zippy tuna pasta salad that offers fresh herbs like dill and basil. It's a great complement to smoky paprika and the sweet tang of white balsamic vinegar and pickle relish.