The Biscoff Cafe Makes Cookie Butter Coffee Dreams Come True

Between all the hustle and bustle, between the noisy carnival rides, the crowd-attracting street performers, and the shops and restaurants vying for your attention on San Francisco's busy Pier 39, there's a small oasis of peace. A quaint building sits in the middle of the chaos, drawing you in with its simplicity and delightfully-smelling coffee and cookies — the Biscoff Coffee Corner.

Located at the entrance of Pier 39, the Biscoff Coffee Corner is the only official Biscoff cafe in North America, and seems to be the only one of its kind in the world. The shop, which is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., is owned and operated by Simmons Family Restaurants Inc., which also owns several full-service restaurants across the pier. While the drinks and bakery offerings are abundant (more on those later), the big draw to the cafe is a "free" Biscoff cookie served with every coffee. The Belgian cookie is a fan favorite to pair with coffee, as its hints of cinnamon, brown sugar, and nutmeg complement the bitter drink.

The cafe boasts specialty, hot, and cold drinks, blended coffee and tea, fruit smoothies, and baked goods. Inside the store, guests can also purchase Biscoff products, including the classic Lotus cookie and its cousin, cookie butter.

The legendary latte and other offerings

Biscoff Coffee Corner offers an exclusive coffee: The Biscoff latte. The latte is made of espresso, milk, and biscoff spread (cookie butter), with Biscoff crumbles on top. Reviews of the drink seem to be mixed, with some saying the sweet drink was the best coffee they've ever had, while others say the drink was bland and had a weird consistency. Overall, customers do still recommend going to the cafe to try the latte and browse the unique store.

If lattes aren't your thing, don't worry: This cafe offers a wide range of coffee, non-coffee, and even non-caffeinated beverages. For hot drinks, you can order a house coffee, cappuccino, or Americano, or you can try a peppermint hot chocolate or cinnamon apple cider. The cold drink offerings are all tea, including a black currant iced tea and a cinnamon spice iced tea. The cafe also offers "freezes," such as the chocolate espresso freeze and the Funky Monkey (no espresso, but chocolate milk, banana, peanut butter).

There really is something for everyone here because if you don't like chocolate, coffee, or creamy drinks in general, this cafe also offers made-to-order fruit and protein smoothies. Or, finally, if you're just not a drink person at all, try a baked good, such as a Belgian waffle, muffin, donut, or banana bread. If you're spending the day at Pier 39, be sure to stop into this small shop to try one of their many offerings.