The Best Gnocchi Adam Richman Ever Ate Is Served In Swampscott, Massachusetts - Exclusive

Pasta dishes are those wonderful meals that fill you up and give you a nice, warm tummy hug with every bite. It doesn't matter if it's a gooey, cheesy mac or a hearty lasagna with plenty of sausage, if it's got a thick sauce and pounds of noodles, we're all in. Add a slice or two of garlic bread and we've reached nirvana. And with so many different options from angel hair to ziti, you could enjoy a pasta dish every night and never have the same thing twice. 

One of our favorites is a big bowl of gnocchi. When made correctly, those soft little pillows of potato and flour just melt in your mouth. This pasta has become so popular in fact, we've seen it made with everything from sweet potato to cauliflower so those who are gluten-free can get in on the gnocchi action. But we're not the only fans of those little dumplings; celebrity chef Adam Richman is as well. We learned this when we ran into him at L.A.'s inaugural Wine & Food Festival. 

Since he's such a fan, we had to know if he had a favorite place to grab a plate. Unfortunately for Angelenos, it isn't there. But the West Coast's loss is the East Coast's gain. Richman said the best plate of gnocchi he's ever had is hiding at a little restaurant in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Why's it so good? It's all thanks to the chef.

The chef at G Bar & Kitchen won't reveal the secret behind his amazing gnocchi

Chef Gregg Backman is the mastermind behind the best gnocchi Richman has ever had. He only wishes he knew Brackman's secret. While the celebrity chef knows the brilliant mind behind G Bar & Kitchen kneads his flours, Richman's never been lucky enough to see behind the curtain — even though he's tried several times. "I love that guy," Richman told Tasting Table. "I keep coming back, and no secrets are given."

Even though Richman may never find out what goes into Brackman's amazing gnocchi, he says he'll continue to visit the restaurant any time he finds himself in Swampscott. The gnocchi are that good. "His gnocchi, if you put it in your mouth, it liquefies," he continues. "I'm telling you, it's unlike any gnocchi I've ever had ... They're insane. They're like little clouds of love and joy." With a recommendation of that caliber, it seems we'll have to make a trip out to Swampscott.