The Unique Matcha Pistachio Drink Sold Exclusively At Starbucks Japan

If you love all things pistachio, there's a Starbucks drink that should be added to your bucket list. It's the Matcha & Crushed Pistachio Milk Tea Latte. This delightfully green-hued drink is only available at Starbucks locations in Japan, though. So unless you are live or have a visit planned to this country, you won't find it at your local Starbucks. Even then, visiting a location while in Japan doesn't necessarily guarantee you'll be able to get one of these flavored lattes.

This drink is only available for a limited time, but you can find it on the menu until July 2. For those who are able to try this exclusive drink, there's more to this latte than meets the eye. For example, this is not a vegan-friendly drink because it does contain some dairy products. It's also worth noting that you'll get a double dose of caffeine between Starbucks' iconic matcha green tea and a pump of white mocha syrup to add sweetness and balance the flavor profile of the drink.

Matcha and pistachios are a perfectly balanced pairing

Apart from the combination of tea and coffee in this drink, you'll also experience textural complexity. This drink is made by blending the mocha syrup and pistachio milk — which also contains cashew milk — with a mixture of crushed almonds and pistachios. This creates a frozen, frappuccino-like base that is then topped with silky matcha green tea. But there's more to this ingredient pairing than a vibrant green color.

Matcha and pistachios pair beautifully because their flavor profiles complement one another. Matcha green tea tends to have an earthy flavor that can sometimes have an underlying bitterness. Pitchatios also have an earthiness to their nutty flavor, but they also have a hint of sweetness. Together, these ingredients create a perfect harmony for your taste buds in this latte.

And if you want to level up the drink to become a more indulgent treat, you can even order a scoop of ice cream for a tea float. It's yet another menu item from Starbucks Japan that we wish we had in the U.S.