Hard-Boiled Eggs Are The Breakfast Slider Base You Need To Try

Hard boiled eggs are a quick, easy choice that you can gobble up with a sprinkle of salt for a satisfying and tasty snack on the go. However, with a little creativity and minimal extra effort, you can turn hard-boiled eggs into bite-sized breakfast sliders.

A great high-protein, gluten-free, and low-carb option, hard-boiled eggs are the perfect slider-bun swap between which you can sandwich your favorite breakfast ingredients. While you boil and cool the eggs, you can cook and prepare your slider fillings for an efficient and easy assembly. To execute a bunless egg slider, simply cut cooled hard boiled eggs in half lengthwise, lightly season the exposed yolks with salt and pepper, add your fillings, and seal everything together with a toothpick through the middle.

Not only does the toothpick serve the functional purpose of holding the slider together, but it also adds old-fashioned authenticity and charm to the slider's presentation. Plus, it makes the perfect handle for guests to pluck off an appetizer plate. To enjoy, simply clamp down on either side of your hard-boiled 'bun', slide the toothpick out, and take a bite. Egg sliders are a great option for meal preppers who want a healthy, filling, and fun-to-eat breakfast to enjoy as they head to work. You could even have pre-sliced meats, cheeses, pickles, and veggies in separate containers to assemble a different slider for every morning of the week.

Hard-boiled egg slider ideas and flavor pairings

Eggs are known for their versatility, and you can use that to your advantage to create a wide range of slider combinations. Whichever fillers you choose, the best tip is to keep all ingredients roughly the same size so you get a well-rounded bite every time. Condiments like cream cheese, hollandaise sauce, sriracha, and aioli will add a burst of flavor and help the egg bun adhere to its fillings. 

You can go the classic breakfast sandwich ingredients route by adding two crispy pieces of bacon and a slice of cheddar cheese. Small sausage patties and a thin rectangle of pepper jack cheese would also fit perfectly inside a hard-boiled egg bun. And no-one is stopping you smashing a crispy tater tot to throw in for a nice crunchy contrast.

Dip the egg white bun in poppyseeds or everything bagel seasoning and slather each half with chive cream cheese to then stuff with a few small slices of lox and a cucumber round. For a cross between eggs benedict and eggs sardou, use jammy eggs for the bun, add a thick round of Canadian bacon, a mound of spinach and a marinated artichoke heart to serve with a hollandaise dipping sauce. Vegetarians will love a well-seasoned egg slider stuffed with mashed avocado, a thick slice of buffalo mozzarella, and a juicy tomato slice.