Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Has Been Spotted At Costco For A Bargain

At this point, it's not all that surprising when Costco sells high-quality liquor for a low price. And yet, we can't help but get excited over the exquisite offerings it showcases. The retailer has spoiled us with a choice Japanese whisky in the past, and now, Costco is selling The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 single malt whisky for a bargain.

With the reputable whiskies that Costco has from time to time, it takes listening to eagle-eyed customers to be able to snag a bottle. A photo of the Scotch on display was recently posted to the r/Costco_alcohol subreddit by a user who said they saw the bottles at a Huntington Beach, California location. The retailer is selling the 750 milliliter bottles for only $41.99 each, which is an absolute steal for the fine whisky.

Typically, a bottle of Balvenie's DoubleWood 12 goes for anywhere between $57.99 and $102.99, and depending on where you live, you may not have access to one at all. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle from your local Costco, you definitely should.

Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Scotch is a prized whisky

The Balvenie is a Speyside-based distillery with a team of heavy hitters that goes far beyond the DoubleWood 12 alone. Its single barrel, which is a 15-year sherry casked Scotch, was one of our best single malt Scotches to try in 2023, and you should undoubtedly get the DoubleWood 12 for 2024. As part of Balvenie's Cask Finishes collection, the Scotch launched in 1983, kicking off a new Scotch-aging tradition.

Known as wood finishing, the process involves moving the whisky from one cask to another, deepening the flavor as it matures once more. The DoubleWood 12 single malt Scotch is first aged in whisky oak, giving the liquor a smooth, vanilla foundation. Later on, it's moved to a sherry oak cask, where it develops the honeyed, fruity tasting notes. The Scotch is then married in oak vessels, finishing up the 12 year long process.

This extended aging increases the quality of the Scotch, allowing it to go down smoothly. The higher quality and easy finish combination results in a whisky that's the perfect Scotch for beginners, especially at $41.99 (as of publication). Whether you're new to Scotch or an avid collector, you shouldn't miss out on the bargain Costco is offering.