The Flavorful Way Ina Garten Sweetens Herbal Iced Tea

When Ina Garten is hosting a weekend party, you can count on some delicious drinks and dishes being served. Leave it to Garten to take a simple iced tea recipe up a notch with a touch of apple juice. Splashing the sweet inclusion into a basic iced tea recipe adds a touch of flavor without overpowering some of the more gentle, subtle notes of herbal teas. Garten combines Lemon Zinger and Red Zinger tea bags from Celestial Seasonings to create a ruby-red drink that announces a festive occasion. When poured over ice, this refreshing beverage is the perfect complement for backyard dinners and summer menus. 

Garten's Instagram followers were quick to point out that Garten's iced tea recipe can be easily boozed up with vodka, bourbon, or tequila. Sparkling apple juice can keep the recipe child-friendly. Once you have the basic recipe mastered, you can build flavors with additional ingredients and spices to create the drink that is perfect for both mood and season.

The prettiest iced tea you ever did see

Apple juice isn't the only kind of fruity addition that can turn up the flavor dials on a pitcher of iced tea. Experiment with your recipes by adding cranberry juice or mango juice to your drinks. For a zingier palate, lemon or lime juice can offer the right amount of tartness to your iced tea pitchers. Should your sweet tooth demand a cold beverage that is on the sweeter side, agave syrup or honey can help smooth out any of the astringent flavors present in your herbal tea infusions. 

To garnish your drinks before serving, edible flowers can add Insta-worthy aesthetic appeal, and you can spice up drinks with a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon for a crowning finish. These fresh beverages can also be spruced up with fresh mint leaves or a cucumber slice. With drinks this good looking, you may want to post your own Instagram updates for your followers to marvel at.