The Interesting Hack For Hard Boiled Egg Lovers Who Aren't Fans Of The Yolk

Hard-boiled eggs are one of the simplest dishes to prepare: Just put the eggs in water and let them boil. Once cooked to firmness, there are several creative uses for your hard-boiled eggs — from making deviled eggs and pasta salads to creating egg sandwiches or simply eating them as is. But what do you do if you aren't a fan of the yolk in hard-boiled eggs? Maybe you don't like its strong smell, the texture puts you off, you struggle to swallow it, or you just don't like the taste. Well, there's an easy solution: the egg-spinning hack.

Simply put, this is a clever way of scrambling the raw egg while still in the shell. It creates a homogenized result in which the yolk and white have mixed to form an egg that's yellow all through. There's even a name for this homogenized version — "golden egg." The reason this hack works is that once it's scrambled and then boiled, the yolk is completely incorporated into the white, and you won't have to eat that weird texture you dislike. To make this golden egg, you can simply buy (or DIY) an egg spinner, pop the raw egg inside, and spin for a few minutes before boiling it as usual.

Scramble eggs in the shell without special equipment

Though a spinner makes scrambling eggs in the shell easier, there's no need to buy any gadgets for this hack. You can improvise with what you have to make your golden egg at no cost. All you need is a long-sleeved shirt and rubber bands or twines. Take one egg at a time and put it inside one of the sleeves of the shirt. Push it farther in so it's positioned in the middle of the sleeve, then secure it in place by tying the sleeve on both sides of the egg using the rubber bands or the twines.

Now hold the sleeve with your two hands and swing it round several times in a circular motion. Once the sleeve is fully twisted, stop spinning and pull the sleeve apart, this will cause the sleeve to untwist and spin the egg very fast. Repeat this process several times until you're satisfied it's completely scrambled. Remove the egg from inside the sleeve and boil it as usual. And there you have it, a perfectly scrambled hard-boiled egg.