Make Room For Fried Green Tomatoes On Your Burger This Summer

Fried green tomatoes are the fixing you didn't realize was missing from your summer burgers. These slightly tart fruits with a firm texture just taste better when they are breaded in a combination of flour and cornmeal, fried to golden perfection, and finished with a sprinkle of salt. Top your traditional burger or a popular smash burger with this fried sensation, and its tangy, bright taste cuts through the fattiness of the burger while adding a crunchy texture. Layer it with a slice of your favorite cheese and whatever other fixings and condiments you like on your burger, and the star on your cookout's menu is about to become epic. 

When making your fried green tomatoes, it's important you do not slice them too thick. You want them between 1/8 of an inch to 1/4 of an inch thick. This will help them fry better so the entire tomato is warm after placing them in the grease for two to three minutes per side. Additionally, make certain you do all your seasoning before you dip your tomatoes into your whipped egg and dredge them in the flour and then the cornmeal. This will deepen the overall flavor of your fried food.

Double dredge your tomatoes

If you want your fried green tomato at its crispiest? Double-dredge it, and after it hits the oil, your fried green tomato will have a crunch that's twice as good. Be sure to have a tray lined with paper towels so they can absorb any grease or use a wire rack so all the excess oil can drip and drain from the tomatoes before you assemble your burger. And regarding your burger, you want to use a blend of meat to make it. This can consist of whatever meat you want, but a good starting point is half chuck, along with equal parts brisket and rib plate. But don't be afraid to experiment. This way you can determine what your taste buds like and what works best with your fried tomato.

But burgers aren't the only place where your fried green tomatoes belong. Try adding them to an egg breakfast sandwich, swap out a traditional tomato with a fried one for your classic sweet heat BLT, or use your fried green tomatoes for your next caprese sandwich which consists of buffalo mozzarella, tomato, and basil. You may never want to have regular tomatoes again.