Muddle Grilled Peaches Into Your Whiskey Sour And Thank Us Later

Muddled peaches in a cocktail can add a natural sweetness to your adult beverages, but grilling those fruits before you muddle them can take your boozy and frothy whiskey sour to a whole new level. Grilled peaches become even sweeter as the heat causes their sugars to caramelize and concentrate while cooking over an open flame, adding a smoky element to this delicate fruit that complements your favorite whiskey. 

Simply cut the peaches in half, brush with a bit of oil, grill each side over medium heat for about 3 to 5 minutes, and remove from the heat. If you want your muddled fruit to be a puree mixed in with your bourbon, you will want to remove the skins before you muddle. Their texture doesn't add anything, and it just makes it easier to create the puree. That said, if you plan on straining it, you can save yourself a few minutes and leave the skin on. Either way, you will want to muddle your grilled peaches until they break down and look like mush. Muddling fruit can take a little more muscle than muddling mint for a mojito; however, when you grill the fruit, it helps to soften it up.  

Spice up your peach whiskey sour

Muddling your grilled fruit will extract all of its juice, and in the case of a peach, it will have a subtle floral sweetness that works perfectly with a bourbon's woodsy notes. You will want to use anywhere from half a peach to a whole peach per drink, depending on just how peachy you want it to taste. If you want to add a little spice, sprinkle some cinnamon or nutmeg on your peaches as you grill them. Cinnamon has a woodsy flavor that will further amplify the notes of your bourbon and make you feel like you are enjoying a slice of peach pie.

If you like how muddled grilled peaches taste in your whiskey sour, you can easily adapt this ingredient to work for a summertime peach whiskey smash or get creative and transform your classic Manhattan cocktail into a peach version. You can even try muddling grilled peaches and adding them to your next old fashioned cocktail.