The Baking Staple Ina Garten Says Doesn't Need To Be Homemade

Ina Garten is all about simplicity. While speaking to NPR about how she recommends approaching making a Thanksgiving Day dinner, the Barefoot Contessa said, "Make a simple meal and make it absolutely delicious. Your friends won't have any fun if you've spent the entire day baking. In fact, they'll have more fun if you're relaxed and happy." Garten then shared that if a recipe isn't simple enough for her to easily repeat, she isn't going to include it in her cookbooks for her fans to try. 

That philosophy permeates to her catchphrase we all know and love: "Store-bought is fine." Garten has proven this to us time and time again by revealing her go-to ice cream brands for the best vanilla flavor and admitting she uses store-bought chocolate cookie wafers for her chocolate tart crust. But these aren't the only food items Garten says it's OK to buy at your local grocery store. 

There is a baking staple Garten says doesn't need to be homemade. And, once you accept that you don't have to make this item from scratch, it's going to be a game changer.

Frozen store-bought puff pastry is fine

Believe it or not, Ina Garten doesn't make her own puff pastry. Garten told Food Network she always has some of this frozen dough in her freezer. The celebrity chef said, "I always buy ready-made puff pastry and phyllo dough for sweet and savory tarts and appetizers. I mean, why would you make it?" Good question. Puff pastry is a key ingredient for her palmier cookies. In fact, Garten shared her go-to brand for puff pastry is Pepperidge Farm. The cookbook author was quick to point out that making puff pastry is time-consuming, saying, "Believe me if you had to make it yourself, you would never make palmiers."

Garten isn't alone in her feelings about puff pastry. According to The Oklahoman, buying frozen puff pastry is the way to go when you come across a recipe that requires it. Garten has shared several recipes with her fans that use ready-made puff pastry, including her soppressata and cheese in puff pastry and her ham and cheese in puff pastry

If for some odd reason you can't find puff pastry dough in your frozen food section, The Oklahoman suggests buying phyllo dough at a Mediterranean deli.