WOW air Will Pay You to Move to Iceland & Travel the World

(With a friend, too)
Airline Pays You to Travel in Iceland
Photo: Mark A Paulda/Getty Images

While a good number of summer jobs involve bussing tables or washing cars, the latest posting from budget airline WOW air involves moving to Iceland, traveling the world with your best friend and, oh, getting paid more than $4,000 a month to do so.

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The airline is currently looking for a "digital Travel Guide," which will require you to spend your summer based in Reykjavík as you visit the carrier's 38 destinations across the globe. Further, you'll be tasked with creating a digital travel guide in the form of photos, vlogs and Instagram stories about each city's food, culture and nightlife. The lucky person who gets the job will even get to take a friend along. 

Those interested (aka everybody) will have to head here to fill out a written application and produce a quick travel video about their hometown. The site will be accepting applications through May 14, with the winner being announced May 18; the gig will officially begin on June 1, when you move into your fully furnished apartment in Reykjavík. 


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