Sleep in a Giant Tequila Barrel at This Mexico Hotel

For when a normal room is just too boring
Tequila Hotel at Casa Cofradia
Photo: Matices Hotel de Barricas via Facebook

Waking up surrounded by all things tequila is usually the sign of a rough night, not a mark of luxury. But at the Matices Hotel de Barricas in Jalisco, Mexico, you can sleep inside of a giant tequila barrel, surrounded by agave plants.

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Supercall reports that the hotel offers barrel rooms in various sizes, each equipped with a king-size bed and a rain shower. The giant barrels are located on a fully operational agave farm, where you get to participate in activities like bottling your own spirits and witnessing agave harvests. The barrel rooms are walking distance from Casa Noble's distilleries where guest can participate in tastings of their certified organic tequila.

Large windows allow you to take in views of agave plants upon waking up before you head off to sip samples of local mescal. And, according to one account, everything from the trash cans to key ring holders is tequila inspired.


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