Ryanair Is Having a Huge Flash Sale with Flights As Little as $7

It's time to relive your college backpacking trip
Ryanair Flight Flash Sale
Photo: Ryanair

After leaving nearly 400,000 passengers stranded last week due to scheduling errors with its pilots, budget airline Ryanair is trying to win back customers with one of the most absurd flash sales we've seen in a long time.

According to Business Insider, the carrier is giving a million seats a seriously deep discount, with flights between major European countries going for just £10, or around $13, for a one-way trip. However, some itineraries, such as London to France and London to Germany are even cheaper, ringing in for a little under $7.

The flash sale applies to flights departing anytime between next month and February 2018, though there's a big caveat: The deal is nearing the end of its life span, and you have only until midnight tonight to book.

Even if we're usually wary of traveling on bargain-friendly airlines, for flights throughout Europe that cost just one figure, we're willing to dig up that old backpack from our college days one more time.


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