You Can Now Zip-Line over the Grand Canyon

Because there's nothing like flying 1,000 feet above one of the world's natural wonders
Grand Canyon Zip Line
Photo: screaming_monkey via Flickr

Anyone can visit the Grand Canyon and peer over a railing, but few will be brave enough to fly over the depths of the natural wonder with nothing more than a harness and a set of cables. 

For thrill seekers looking to experience the national park via a different point of view, head to Grand Canyon West, where a newly opened zip line lets riders fly more than 1,000 feet above the canyon, Travel + Leisure reports.

Those without a fear of heights will travel as fast as 50 miles an hour over two separate runs, which adds up to roughly 3,500 feet. The attraction costs a pretty reasonable $89; though if you'd rather conquer your acrophobia in baby steps, there's always the Grand Canyon Skywalk.


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