What Breakfast Looks Like Around the World

Let Instagram take you on a culinary journey through mornings worldwide
Chinese Bing
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Breakfast is complicated.

On weekdays, when you hit snooze and grab a cup of coffee on your way out the door, breakfast might just be an afterthought. (OK, maybe even a burden.) But on the weekends, when mimosas are flowing and bacon is frying, the first meal of the day can be transformative. It turns into something we all love.

Around the globe, the promise of a delicious breakfast plate can drag even the most zombie-like among us out of bed on a Sunday. The way we choose to enjoy that morning meal, however, differs immensely from country to country.

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From morning feasts in Korea to pizza for breakfast in Italy, these diverse Instagram photos reveal how people like to wake up around the globe.

And take note: There’s not a single sad Styrofoam cup of coffee among them.




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Breakfast ?? #shakshuka #israelibreakfast #Israel #israelisalad #omelette #eggplant #cheese #croissant

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Bing It On 2: Bing It On Again. (I wasn't kidding about my last gram)

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Tu semana no podría empezar de mejor manera! #cocinaHonesta

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Why not use a Waffle as a Cereal Bowl? Made by @mustloveicecream for #WaFULLed #Brunchboys

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