September Is the Best Time to Book Thanksgiving Flights

You should probably bookmark this date
When to Book Thanksgiving Flights 2017
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Friendsgiving potlucks in crowded apartments were fun the first year you moved away home, but after the third year of boxed stuffing and powdered gravy, there's nothing like traveling home to Thanksgiving food made by Mom. Thankfully, flying across the country for just the weekend doesn't always have to put you in rent-week mode for the rest of the year.

 After taking a look at flight trends from the last holiday season, travel search engine Skyscanner learned that the week of September 4 is the best time to book a flight home for Thanksgiving this year. The data analyzed flights departing between the Friday before Thanksgiving and Turkey Day itself, and returning between Black Friday and the following Sunday.

Thankfully, if you're a procrastinator you still have a chance to indulge your family's famous pumpkin pie: The week of November 6 is also prime time to book tickets before they soar in price. And while, of course, price depends on how far you're jetting across the country, Skyscanner also notes flyers can expect to spend on average about $300 for flights for November. 

Time to brush up on the latest politics and prepare for your annual Thanksgiving argument with Uncle Russ.


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