The Commons by Tasting Table

Take a first look at our new experiential space in Soho
SoHo Event Space: The Commons by Tasting Table

Food isn't just food anymore. It's intertwined with art, fashion, music, books and more—which is why we've revived our entertainment space to become a hub for events and discussions.

Introducing The Commons by Tasting Table, a dynamic downtown loft space in the heart of Soho/Manhattan, designed for conversation, community and culture. Tasting Table community members have ongoing opportunities to attend our private member events, including Guest Chef Dinners and tastings, our Audiobooks & Bites Book Club, cooking classes, demos and more.

We've built a name for ourselves hosting events, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the food world and we know what it takes to entertain a crowd. The Commons at once reflects these many hats and suggests the opportunity to use food for more than just a good meal. It's a place where dining and culture come together, causing us to gather, share and discover.



  • 1/11


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