Chef Marc Forgione, singer VÉRITÉ and a Party to Remember

If you missed this Hamptons party, prepare for some FOMO
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A Michelin-starred, Iron Chef winner and a rising pop sensation walk into a bar—actually a cliffside tent overlooking the beach, where cocktails are flowing and an impending storm sets an unmistakably sexy mood.

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Such was the scene Saturday night at Tasting Table’s Sounds to Savor party, thrown with LDV Hospitality at Gurney’s in the Hamptons. If you missed the party, well, we missed you, too.

Photo credit: BFA

Chef Marc Forgione took command of the grill, the dramatic scenery of the stormy coastline a picture-perfect backdrop behind him. Inside, singer songwriter VÉRITÉ had a beautiful crowd dancing. With all eyes on her, VÉRITÉ had no trouble singing above the rain, and rain it did.

With Belvedere cocktails to sip on such as the Polish Mule and the Peach Nectar Spritz, frosty Brooklyn lagers, plenty of SeaGlass wine, Pellegrino and Pure Leaf iced tea, everyone stayed hydrated as they worked up a sweat dancing. In addition to the incredible steak Forgione had coming off the grill, seemingly endless trays of lobster rolls, short rib sliders, chicken tacos and charred vegetable skewers fueled partygoers well into the night.


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The rain phased no one. The party carried on, and then at the end of the night, the sky cleared and the stars came out.

  • Belvedere cocktails | Photo credit: Alyssa Ringler

  • Chef Marc Forgione | Photo credit: Alyssa Ringler

  • Sounds to Savor | Photo credit: Alyssa Ringler

  • VÉRITÉ | Photo credit: Alyssa Ringler

  • Chef Marc Forgione | Photo credit: BFA

  • Amie Deutch and Geoff Bartakovics at Sounds to Savor | Photo credit: BFA

  • Opening DJ set | Photo credit: BFA

  • Gurney's Montauk | Photo credit: BFA

  • Brooke Welsch and Geoff Bartakovics | Photo credit: BFA

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