6 Halloween Products That Have Gone Too Far

Oreos are not meant to taste like candy corn, and you know it
Halloween Products That Have Gone Too Far
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The pumpkin spice frenzy that inevitably accompanies Halloween never ceases to amaze us. From some of the very best savory cinnamon creations to a few very tragic failures, we’ve seen fall flavors through the good, the bad and the just plain mournful.

This Halloween, these six ill-fated products have us reminiscing about simpler times, when pumpkin pie was still a homemade dessert—and definitely not a Pringles flavor.

Brunch Favorites Candy Corn 

Candy Corn Oreos

Salted Caramel English Muffins


I'm the discoverer of new things. you're welcome. ??? #saltedcaramelenglishmuffin

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Caramel Apple Twizzlers

Candy Corn-Flavored M&M's

Pecan Pie & Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles


It's official. I'm a pumpkinaholic ??. #yum #pumpkinpringles #pringles

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