The Most . . . Unique Coasters You've Ever Seen

They take deli meat to a whole new level
Cold Cut Coasters
Photo: Courtesy of Chen Chen & Kai Williams

When you hear “cold cuts,” your mind probably conjures up a large sub with sliced turkey or a ham and cheese sandwich topped with lettuce and tomato from your local deli.

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But one designer has given the phrase a whole new meaning with these funky cold cut coasters. This unique and, yes, quite expensive set was created by New York-based design company Chen Chen & Kai Williams. For a mere $480, you’ll receive a set of four coasters with a matching sculptural “ham hock.” They are made from urethane resin and probably won’t give you the meat sweats, though we can’t make any promises.


#tbt The first slice

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Some hams ready for slicing

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