The Best Juleps in NYC

Where to sip the coldest, booziest Derby Day drinks

You don't have to wait for Derby Day to sip on a julep, that gleaming tower of cracked ice in a frosted silver tin that wrecks you with Kentucky bourbon (usually) and a float of dark rum (sometimes).

Have one now and then all the year long, whenever you need a hit of cold and liquor. Here are three to love:

Pineapple Julep ($12) at Clover Club 
This glamorous julep is sweetened with a splash of pineapple syrup and garnished with a massive bouquet of mint.

Barber of Seville ($13) at Maison Premiere 
This deviant, wintery julep has some serious swagger--garnished with a paper brolley and Marcona almonds.

Right-Hand Smash ($14) at The Dead Rabbit 
If it's not called a julep, is it a still a julep? You won't worry about this while sipping 100-proof bourbon with absinthe, black tea and mint.

Clover Club 210 Smith St. Brooklyn NY 11231 718-855-7939 The Dead Rabbit 30 Water St. New York NY 10004 646-422-7906 Maison Premiere 298 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn NY 11249 347-335-0446


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