What Is Zima, and Why Should You Care?

The 90s cult beverage is back
What Is Zima?
Photo: Zima

Do you ever find yourself missing the super-sweet malt beverages that used to get you unpleasantly drunk back in the day? Yeah, we don't either. Still, that hasn't stopped MillerCoors from bringing back a cult favorite from the 90s, if only for a limited run.

Just in time for summer, Zima is hitting stores like Target and Walmart, and even a few bars nationwide. Similar to a Smirnoff Ice, this sweet, easy-to-drink alternative to beer goes down smooth and offers a pleasant buzz (you gotta drink a few though). According to The Washington Post, Zima made its way onto the scene in 1993 as part of the Crystal Pepsi/clear-beverage craze beloved by teens (sorry, Mom) and twentysomethings.



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The Washington Post also points out that while Zima was actually able to snag a "remarkable 1 percent share of the national alcohol market in its first year," it didn't quite go out in a blaze of glory. Rather, the bottled beverage stuck around until 2008, largely forgotten and collecting dust on shelves until it disappeared completely.

Still, folks are pretty excited by the news of Zima's return, thanks to its nostalgia and Sprite-like sweetness, making it just what you need for your next summer get-together.

How do you feel about Zima's return? Let us know in the comments.


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