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Which cities drink the most wine
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If you ever get the feeling that the world is turning on its head, here’s a fact that should provide some relief and make you feel sane again: Parisians drink more wine than people in any other city in the world, a new study confirms.

The report, by France’s INSEEC Business School, has just determined that Parisians consume 697 million bottles of wine each year, or 51.7 liters per capita.

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To put that into perspective, wine drinkers in New York and Los Angeles each put away only 12.1 liters a year.

While Americans may not make the best showing, you can count on the Italians, of course, to keep up appearances: The next three cities that consume the most wine per capita are Rome, Naples and Milan. Still, Paris beats these Italian cities, who consume only 38.9 liters per person, by a long shot.

So as you’re sipping your rosé this summer, think about all the other people in cities around the world doing the same and raise a glass to them. Then raise one more to those boozy Parisians.


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