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Starbucks is opening its first roastery in NYC
Photo: Aneil Lutchman via Flickr
Starbucks Roastery

Caramel macchiato fans, rejoice: Starbucks has a massive New York City roastery and tasting room in the works.

Four years after the Seattle coffee giant opened its first hometown roastery, Starbucks is making its way east to Manhattan's Meatpacking District, smartly setting up shop in a brand-new 20,000-square-foot space just a block south of the tourist-packed Chelsea Market. The project is in motion now and estimated to be completed by 2018.

"Our Seattle Roastery experience created something that had never been done before, transforming a retail environment into something far beyond just a coffee shop and into the single best retail experience of any kind," Howard Schultz, chairman and chief executive officer of Starbucks, says. "In New York, we want to take elements from what we originally created and build something even bigger and bolder, celebrating coffee and craft in a completely unique and differentiated way. We want this experience to tell our customers that we're coming to Broadway."

Like its predecessor, this Big Apple roastery will be "coffee as theater," complete with roasters and baristas to educate customers on the process of sourcing, roasting and brewing rare coffees. However, with the surge of third-wave roasters, Grub Street speculates this may be the chain's effort to compete in that space.

Either way, it all goes to show that fancy coffee isn't going anywhere.


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