Rosé Vodka Means You'll Never Have to Choose

Your favorite pink wine, just 3 times as strong
Rosé Vodka from Hangar 1
Photo: Hangar 1

Indecisive drinkers of the world no longer have to choose between wine or hard liquor the next time happy hour rolls around, thanks to Hangar 1's new rosé-flavored vodka.

The pink bottle combines the distillery's classic clear spirit with a healthy splash of Northern California rosé, made from a blend of white Meritage and Petit Verdot grapes. The distillery calls it a "great refreshing alternative to wine;" though winos should take note that at 30 percent ABV, this deceptively light-colored bottle is essentially triple-strength rosé. 

And for those concerned about mixing liquors into a single sip, rest assured: This vodka, with its hints of peach and citrus that lead to a crisp finish, is as smooth mixed into a refreshing cocktail as it is poured straight over ice. 

Summer may be a few months away, but fortunately, you can grab the vodka now for $30 at retailers nationwide.


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