Pickle Juice Slushies: Coming Soon to a Sonic near You

This is kind of a big dill
Pickle Juice Slushies from Sonic
Photo: jeffreyw via Flickr

Nothing says summer like the taste of an icy, shocking sip of pickle juice. At least that's the thinking behind Sonic's newest slushie flavor. According to Today, the drive-thru chain is planning on releasing the briny frozen beverage to all 3,500 locations by June.

Sonic seems to be picking up on what's become a popular trend over the years: Van Holten's released pickle freezer pops last summer, Wisconsin-based brewery Barley John's added a pickle brine-spiced ale to its roster and even Walmart has started capitalizing on fruit punch-flavored pickles called Tropickles, Today adds. 

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Not only will you be able to add the sour pickle syrup to Sonic's popular slushies, but also its ice cream for briny-tasting sundaes and shakes—if you're into that sort of thing.


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