Caffeine May Be the Secret to a Long Life

Drinking coffee helps lower your risk for a host of diseases
Caffeine May Be the Secret to a Long Life
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If your goal is to live to 100, coffee might hold the key. A new multiyear study from Stanford University links caffeine to a long life. Drinking coffee can help lower inflammation, which is tied to diseases like Alzheimer's, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

"More than 90 percent of all noncommunicable diseases of aging are associated with chronic inflammation," David Furman, the lead author of the study explains.

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Participants who drank less caffeine were more likely to die young, Epicurious notes. Their levels of "inflammatory gene clusters" were higher, putting them at greater risk for high blood pressure and other health issues.

This isn't the first time coffee has been linked to a long life, but this study more clearly breaks down that link. So drink up.


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