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The Trick to Opening a Bottle of Champagne

It's all in the twist
NTK: The Easiest Way to Open a Bottle of Champagne Video
Photo: Lizzie Munro/Tasting Table

Don't be that person at the New Year's party popping a bottle of bubbly in somebody's face. We're all for free-flowing Champagne, but we'd also like to see out of both eyes come the New Year. Here's the right way to open that bottle and avoid a party foul:

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① Remove the foil wrapper. Some slide off with a twist, and others require a little knife work.

② Untwist the wire cage and remove it from the bottle.

③ Twist the bottle, not the cork. The pressure in the bottle will start pushing the cork out.

Put your other hand or a towel over the cork to stop it from shooting out with a bang.

④ Keep your hand in place to prevent the cork from flying.

Watch the video for a full demonstration. It's so easy you'll start volunteering your bottle-opening services at every party. Plus, it's a good way to make sure you get the first pour. Cheers!

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