Welch's Is Making Nonalcoholic Rosé Wine

Here's to a rosé you can actually enjoy all day
Best Nonalcoholic Wine: Rosé
Photo: Welch's via Facebook

Over the past few years, we've seen rosé in the form of gummies, ciders, those 40-ounce cans and as a frosé special on nearly every bar menu. You would think we've run out of ways to produce the pink drink, but alas, the arrival of warmer weather brings yet another blushing creation.

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Enter: nonalcoholic rosé. Welch's is dipping its toe into the pink-colored pool by creating a rosy-hued sparkling grape juice. According to Refinery29, Green Niagara and Concord grapes make the drink sweeter than actual rosé, and add a touch of tartness.

So though it won't get you buzzed, here's to finally having a rosé that literally everyone can enjoy at family-friendly functions.


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