Apples to Apples

Fall for a cider cocktail this autumn

Two types of cider are having a moment.

The boozy fermented versions are popping up on drinks lists around the country, and the classic you'd find at cider mills is reigning supreme in Chicago as fall's go-to cocktail ingredient.

Nico Osteria bartender Matty Eggleston concocts a seasonally on-point drink called the Bella Mela ($12), which means "beautiful apple" in Italian. Fittingly, Germain-Robin apple brandy and seedling apple cider burst through with prominent apple flavor, while Atsby vermouth, citrusy orange-peel liqueur and chocolate bitters round things out with a bit more depth.

Cider goes south of the border with A10's tequila-based Highing Fly ($11). Barkeep Alex Bachman's tantalizing creation features a thick cider reduction, Reposado tequila, aromatic Calabrian chile for a hit of spice and a squeeze of citrus to keep the cocktail fresh and bright.

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Craving something with bubbles? Look no further than LUSH Wine & Spirits's Them Apples ($12), an effervescent blend of Aperol, lemon juice, mezcal, bourbon, sparkling hard cider and cider simple syrup. The sparkling cider keeps it festive, but make no mistake: It'll only take one to get you buzzing.

And at Barrelhouse Flat, Lincoln Park's premier craft-cocktail bar, all eyes are on the Kiss Gamble ($13). Created by bartender Jessica Tessendorf, this boozy delight is one of several new menu items and packs a warming punch with J.K. Scrumpy's Winterruption hard cider, rum, amaro and arrack balanced with a touch of lime juice and falernum.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then we can only hope that an apple cider cocktail a day will keep those winter blues at bay.

Nico Osteria 1015 N. Rush St. Chicago IL 60611 312-994-7100 A10 1462 E. 53rd St. Chicago IL 60615 773-288-1010 LUSH Wine and Spirits 1412 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago IL 60642 312-666-6900 Barrelhouse Flat 2624 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL 60614 773-857-0421


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